The Department of Redundancy Department

department of redundancyOver time, certain adjectives have attached to certain nouns and have become commonly expressed phrases in English.  Reporters on national news broadcasts use them. You read them in print. You hear them in the grocery store line. The intent of combining these words is to increase their impact and emphasize the point, but instead, these combinations are simply redundant. It’s like the request to “Enter your PIN number.” That request actually means “Enter your personal identification number number.” Sharpen your communication skills by eliminating these phrases from your conversations and email messages:

  • advance planning (planning happens in advance)
  • fresh beginning (a beginning is always a new, fresh start)
  • past history (history is always in the past)
  • close proximity (proximity means being close to something)
  • major breakthrough (by definition, a breakthrough is a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development)
  • joint cooperation (cooperation always involves others)

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