Featured Article: A Case of Teeth Discoloration Upon Transition From Zyprexa to Generic Olanzapine

Pill bottle

As healthcare costs continue to rise, patients and doctors often turn to generic medications rather than using brand-name medications.

Although the US Food and Drug Administration has strict guidelines for approval of drugs, generics are primarily tested for their bioequivalence to the brand-name products in terms of active ingredients. Inactive ingredients, which are meant to be inert, may differ greatly between the two. Most people can transition between generics and brand-name medications easily, but in some cases patients may have unexpected reactions.

In the latest issue of The Ochsner Journal, Dr. David Galarneau relates the case of one patient with stable schizophrenia who experienced teeth discoloration after switching from a brand-name to a generic. This discoloration was resolved when the patient transitioned to a different brand-name medication.

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