Featured Contributor: Edward D Frohlich, MD, MACP, FACC


Edward D Frohlich, MD, MACP, FACC is the Alton Ochsner Distinguished Scientist of the Ochsner Clinic Foundation, a staff member of the Ochsner Clinic, and the Director of the Hypertension Research Program. In the winter issue of The Ochsner Journal, he shares his reflections on the important teachers, mentors, and role models who have guided him throughout his illustrious career.

More than just a volunteer who spends a few hours with another, a mentor is a guide providing true influence in another’s life. Dr Frohlich shares stories about his mentors throughout the stages of his life and career, from his education to his experience in the new field of hypertension. His fitting tribute serves as a reminder to appreciate our mentors and a push to serve as fitting mentors to others.  Over the years, Dr Frohlich has mentored more than 130 doctoral and postdoctoral graduate students and research fellows in hypertension.

Learn more about Dr Frohlich and read the full winter issue online.

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