HIGHLIGHT FROM THE ARCHIVE: Why Nutrition Matters in Healthcare Outcomes


Image courtesy of Flickr user mikecarlucci via CC license Attribution-Sharealike 2.0

Fat Tuesday – Mardi Gras – is right around the corner, and many New Orleans natives will be gorging themselves on jambalaya, fried chicken, and king cake. Today’s highlight from the archive is an article from the 2008 summer issue that discusses why nutrition matters in healthcare outcomes.

Nutrition is important for a patient’s health and well-being, and even though patients may be aware that they should be eating healthier, there is evidence that not enough people are applying core concepts to their diet needs. The primary goal of a physician’s dietary intervention is to help the patient control his or her lipid metabolism, weight, and hypertension.

Read Jacqueline Gamble’s article Why Nutrition Matters in Healthcare before reaching for that second or third slice of king cake this week!