Spring Issue of The Ochsner Journal Now Available

Cover of The Ochsner Journal Spring IssueThe value of different approaches to spinal care, both in monetary cost and clinical outcomes, is the theme of the spring 2014 issue of The Ochsner Journal. Examining a variety of multidisciplinary methods, the articles in this issue address minimally invasive techniques, quality-of-life procedures’ cost effectiveness, the importance of exercise, and ways to triage pain, as well as unique reports of spinal surgeries.

Under the direction of guest editor Dr. Wale A. R. Sulaiman, the issue comprises 9 original research articles, 5 reviews and commentaries, 6 case reports, 1 editorial, and the Journal’s 3 regular quarterly columns. The complete issue is available at The Ochsner Journal website and through PubMed Central.

The Editorial Board is proud to announce a new association with the Southern Hospital Medicine Association and the publication of all of the abstracts accepted for presentation at the 14th Annual Southern Hospital Medicine Conference, cosponsored by Ochsner and Emory University School of Medicine. The abstracts are posted at The Ochsner Journal website.

To receive an electronic table of contents for each quarterly issue of The Ochsner Journal, please click here to complete the form.

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