The Ochsner Journal Partners with the Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers

Logo7The Editorial Board of Ochsner Journal is proud to announce a new publishing partnership with the Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers (AIAMC). The Journal has published the proceedings of the AIAMC’s National Initiative III as a special standalone issue and copies of the issue were distributed at the AIAMC’s annual meeting in San Diego in March.

The AIAMC initiative included teams from across the country, whose abstracts and work plans appear in this special issue.

The AIAMC launched the National Initiative program in 2007 in an attempt to improve quality and safety efforts at hospital and healthcare systems, particularly relating to residents at teaching institutions. The first initiative focused on improving patient care through graduate medical education. For the second initiative, participants created a quality improvement team led by a resident or faculty member that focused on communication, handoffs, infection control, readmissions, or transitions of care.

National Initiative III built on the work of the previous initiatives and focused on teaching and organizational support of quality improvement projects. Both graduate medical education and continuing medical education were emphasized in the projects that focused on faculty development (comprehensive, program-specific, and quality improvement programs), quality improvement projects, handoffs, and resident quality councils. Participants presented work on a variety of topics, from teaching the teacher to using electronic health records, improving rapid response teams, and monitoring resident burnout.

The special issue is available on the Ochsner Journal website and through PubMed Central.

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