Ochsner Journal is now on ReadCube


courtesy of readcube.com

Through our association with PubMed Central and Allen Press, Ochsner Journal is now available in the reference manager ReadCube.

A free cross-reference platform manager, ReadCube combines scholarly journals in enhanced PDF form with additional data from the internet. By downloading ReadCube to your desktop or tablet, you can get free searchable access to thousands of scholarly articles from PubMed Central and Google Scholar.

The ReadCube reference manager is appealing for students and scholars and is user friendly. The enhanced PDFs delivered through ReadCube have clickable authors, keywords, and inline references; highlighting and note tools; a full-screen viewer; and a customizable interface. ReadCube offers daily recommendations based on your past searches and saved PDFs, and you can upload your own PDFs to the platform where they will automatically become full-text searchable.

To download ReadCube, click to www.readcube.com.