Spring Issue of The Ochsner Journal Features Original Research

Original research is prominent in the just-posted spring issue of Ochsner Journal. The first issue of 2015 features five original research articles: one that looks at chronic disease management, two that focus on transplant medicine, and a pilot study of a novel approach for enhancing the onboarding experience for new nurses.diabetes photo

Featured contributor Richard E. Deichmann, MD  leads the team of researchers investigating the impact of a 2-hour diabetes boot camp on compliance and outcomes among patients who are newly diagnosed with the disease. Deichmann et al reported short-term results of their boot camp project in the Summer 2013 issue of Ochsner Journal  and have followed that paper with a report on their long-term results  in this issue. They demonstrate that evidence-based education presented by a variety of practitioners can have a favorable impact on disease management.

Finding effective ways to give patients the knowledge and tools to manage their chronic diseases is a major focus of 21st century healthcare, and the pair of articles by Deichmann et al provide a viable, effective, and easily implemented approach for engaging diabetic patients in an active health-focused partnership with their primary care physicians.

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