She Heard Music in Her Head

In the spring issue of Ochsner Journal, Jacob P. Brunner, BS of Tulane University School of Medicine and Ronald G. Amedee, MD of Ochsner’s Department of Otolaryngology report an interesting case of musical hallucinations.

Musical hallucinations, a disorder of complex sound processing, are auditory hallucinations characterized by the perception of musical sounds, instrumental music, or songs.

A patient with subjective hearing loss reported that continuous patriotic and children’s songs played in her head. After extensive interviewing and a normal otologic/comprehensive head and neck examination, audiologic evaluation revealed evidence of presbycusis—age-related hearing loss. The patient was relieved to learn that she did not have a psychiatric condition, and her symptoms improved with ambient noise and a trial of binaural hearing amplification.

Read more details about this interesting case and others in the current issue of Ochsner Journal.