Dr. Ron Amedee Named Editor-in-Chief of Ochsner Journal

Ronald G. Amedee, MD, Designated Institutional Official for Ochsner Health System, has been named the Editor-in-Chief of  Ochsner Journal, replacing longtime editor David E. Beck, MD. Dr. Beck will remain on the Editorial Board as Editor Emeritus.

Dr. William W. Pinsky, Chief Academic Officer, acknowledged Dr. Beck’s service to the Journal and presented him with a plaque of appreciation at  Ochsner Journal Editorial Board meeting on April 13.

Dr. Amedee thanked Dr. Beck for his dedication to the Journal and for the numerous enhancements implemented under his watch: full-issue indexing in PubMed Central that has given the articles in the Journal visibility and access via PubMed searches, the addition of quarterly columns and letters to the editor, the initiation of epublishing ahead of print so articles are online and available much quicker than in the past, the addition of plagiarism scanning to ensure the integrity of all work published in the Journal, and a significant broadening of the editorial mix in each quarterly issue.

“Thanks to these innovations, Ochsner Journal is on a strong trajectory and is positioned favorably to take to the next level,” Dr. Amedee told the board.

Two of Dr. Amedee’s key focus areas will be the peer review process and the composition of the editorial board. “Strengthening our review process is a critical aspect of taking the Journal to the next level of quality and to ensure the validity and integrity of the reviews we are providing to our authors,” Amedee said. “I am reaching out to other organizations and boards to identify people who can contribute to our success. I am impressed that many faculty at LSU and Tulane already do many reviews for the Journal. I would like to expand that relationship. There is such a high degree of collaboration among our three institutions, it makes sense to strengthen our collaboration on the Journal.”

“Our goal is for the Journal to become a flagship product and valued strategic asset of Ochsner Health System. It will serve as an important teaching tool for our residents, fellows, and medical students and enhance the care of our patients,” Amedee told the board.

For information about Ochsner Journal, click to http://www.ochsnerjournal.org/.