Physician-Patient Relationship Found Most Important Factor Influencing Patients’ Safety Perceptions

Physicians at Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Temple, TX asked 102 randomly selected surgery patients how safe they felt during their procedures. The patients, who had undergone elective operations requiring hospitalization, answered via an anonymous survey. The findings are detailed in the article, “Patients’ Perspectives of Surgical Safety: Do They Feel Safe?” published in the summer issue of Ochsner Journal.

Overall, patients felt safe as evidenced by scores for the questions “I felt safe the day of my surgery” and “Mistakes rarely happen during surgery.” However, patients undergoing their first surgery were more likely to respond with a lower score to the statement, “On the day before the surgery, I felt confident about my safety.”

Qualitative feedback was obtained through nonphysician-moderated sessions. During these sessions, patients identified the physician-patient relationship as the most important factor positively influencing patient safety perceptions. Read more about this provocative study at Ochsner Journal website.