The Benefits of Being a Reviewer

Reviewing manuscripts for an academic journal represents a commitment of time and energy, limited resources in a physician’s busy life. However, being a reviewer can be a rewarding experience, and participating in the peer review process should be seen as an investment.

Exposure to new ideas is a crucial part of intellectual activity, and reviewers have the opportunity to evaluate new ideas in the rough. Physicians can boost their own academic productivity by reading and critiquing manuscripts for a journal. In identifying the strengths and weaknesses of new research, reviewers not only aid their peers but also gain knowledge and inspiration.

Furthermore, insight into peer review from a journal’s perspective increases reviewers’ odds of getting their own work published. Working with journals exposes reviewers to manuscript submission portals, author revisions, and the editor-in-chief’s decision making process. Through peer review, physicians contribute to the academic environment while getting a firsthand look at the inner workings of a journal.

Perhaps the most important benefit of being a reviewer is the ability to have an impact on new therapies and treatments. Reviewers maintain a journal’s standards of quality, and their efforts ultimately enhance patient care.

If you would like to join Ochsner Journal’s reviewer panel, please contact the editorial office at

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