Two pieces of original research featured in the fall issue of The Ochsner Journal

In addition to a focus on women’s and children’s health, the fall issue of Ochsner Journal features two original research articles authored or coauthored by Ochsner physicians. Role of Special Coagulation Studies for Preoperative Screening of Thrombotic Complications in Simultaneous Pancreas-Kidney Transplantation is a medical record review of 83 such procedures performed at a single institution. The study sought to determine whether there is a benefit to using special coagulation studies to rule out patients at risk for vascular thrombosis after SPK transplantation. All SPK transplantation recipients in the study underwent preoperative screening for hypercoagulable state.

The second piece of original research, Clobetasol’s Influence on the Management and Cost of Skin Overgrowth Associated with the Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid, tried to ascertain whether clobetasol use during early postoperative care of a bone-anchored hearing aid implant decreases costs and improves outcomes by reducing the need for invasive postoperative procedures to treat common postoperative skin reactions. Thirty-three patients were managed with the traditional algorithm (local wound care, triamcinolone injection, and revision surgery). Nineteen patients were managed with the contemporary algorithm in which 0.05% topical clobetasol cream was added to the traditional treatment regimen.

Read more details about these two pieces of original research in the current issue of Ochsner Journal.