Celebrating one year of our epub ahead of print initiative

On October 20, 2014, Ochsner Journal published our first epub ahead of print article in an effort to further support Ochsner Clinic Foundation’s mission to serve, heal, lead, educate, and innovate. A year later, we have published 33 early online articles, nearing an average of 3 articles per month. The editorial mix of early online articles consists of 3 literature reviews, 10 original research articles, and 20 case reports.

Of the 33 articles, the 5 articles that received the most attention were accessed nearly a thousand times between their dates of online publication and the month prior to their issue release dates:

The latest epub ahead of print articles are an original research article and a case report. In the “Benefits of a Multimodal Regimen for Postsurgical Pain Management in Colorectal Surgery,” Drs David Beck and David Margolin worked with pharmacists Sheena Farragut Babin and Christine Theriot Russo on a retrospective medical record review of 233 consecutive patients undergoing major colorectal surgery to analyze postoperative pain management. The authors concluded that the use of multimodal pain management including liposomal bupivacaine during major colorectal surgeries improved postoperative outcomes, decreased lengths of stay, and increased bed availability.

Free Auricular Composite Graft for Acquired Nasal Stenosis” by Drs Charles Riley, Claire Lawlor, Mingyang Liu Gray, and H. Devon Graham, III presents the case of a patient with acquired nasal stenosis as a result of prolonged nasal tampon placement secondary to severe epistaxis and subsequent nasal vestibular infection. The physicians successfully performed a repair via auricular composite graft. The authors conclude that free auricular composite grafts can produce desirable functional and aesthetic outcomes and should be considered for patients presenting with acquired nasal stenosis.

We look forward to another successful year of expeditiously and efficiently delivering a wide range of peer-reviewed, practical information to the healthcare community through our epub ahead of print initiative.