Read About One of the Innovative Projects Going On at Ochsner

One of our latest original research articles reports the use of technology to enhance patient care in the gastroenterology practice.

Ensuring proper vaccination is an important part of treating patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Because many patients with IBD are young and otherwise healthy, they do not see a general practitioner for their care regularly, so the task of ordering vaccinations falls on the gastroenterologist.

Karr and colleagues of Ochsner’s Department of Gastroenterology identified barriers that make ordering vaccinations a difficult task for gastroenterologists: from lack of awareness regarding who is responsible for ordering vaccinations to complexity in the ordering process.

After analyzing feedback from gastroenterologists, the authors created an order panel in the electronic medical record software to make it easier to order vaccinations for patients with IBD and engaged the gastroenterology team in an educational initiative.

Survey results indicated that the quality improvement project was successful in improving patient care.

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