Innovations in Medical Education Issue Takes a 360-Degree View of Clinical Training

The spring issue of Ochsner Journal is all about education—with articles focused on the ways medical schools are adapting to a new generation of learners and how institutions are responding to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education’s emphasis on a competency-based clinical learning environment for residents in training.

The issue features 7 papers presenting the details of innovative education programs developed and implemented at institutions across the United States, as well as a complementary mix of editorials, original research, and quality improvement project articles.

As a leading academic medical center, Ochsner is committed to excellence in its training programs, and this special theme issue is the second in a series of Ochsner Journal editions that zeroes in on how aspiring doctors are trained to be physicians. Our first education-themed issue was published in Winter 2012. Three years later, our Spring 2016 issue continues the discussion and features multiple points of view.

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