A Snapshot of Ochsner’s Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers National Initiative IV Project

Ochsner’s contribution to the National Initiative IV projects—published in the official Proceedings of National Initiative IV—focuses on improving transitions of care between inpatient settings.

Duty-hour restrictions on training physicians have led to an increase in the number of patient handoffs. The Ochsner team identified this as a potential cause of discontinuity in patient care and as a solution set the goal of creating a formalized process for transitions of care.

Baseline surveys from faculty and residents identified patient safety issues that occurred as a result of the existing handoff process. The project steps included designing a written signout template, embedding the template in the electronic medical record, making the template available on iPads and PCs, and conducting interactive didactic sessions for staff and residents.

Postimplementation, follow-up survey results showed a modest improvement in all outcomes. Next steps are systemwide implementation and gathering objective metrics to complement survey results.

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