Completing the Academic Process

Included in the robust spring 2016 medical education issue of Ochsner Journal, the collection of abstracts from the 16th Annual Southern Hospital Medicine Conference exemplifies Ochsner’s commitment to publication partnerships that improve training programs and institutional quality.

Clinical vignettes and quality innovations research abstracts—such as those in the 16th Annual Southern Hospital Medicine Conference collection—kick-start the academic process that ideally should culminate with publication in peer-reviewed journals. However, many projects presented at conferences don’t make it past the poster.

The benefits of developing posters and abstracts into manuscripts are multifactorial. Publication—the cornerstone of academic advancement—gives residents a competitive edge in the hunt for fellowships and bolsters the curricula vitae of attending physicians looking for academic promotion. This rising tide of innovation also enhances the quality of medical journals. And perhaps most important, healthcare institutions and patients benefit from the clinical advances shared with the medical community in the form of published manuscripts.

We encourage physicians who present posters and abstracts to complete the academic process by developing their projects into publication-ready manuscripts and submitting their work to the Ochsner Journal.

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