Center of Excellence Edition of the Ochsner Journal: A Focus on Cardiology

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death worldwide.15245012-16-3-cover The first issue in a series of upcoming Center of Excellence editions of the Ochsner Journal—curated by guest editors Drs. Eiman Jahangir and Daniel Morinhighlights advances in the understanding and treatment of CVD.

Ochsner physicians are helping to lead the way in cardiovascular health by establishing specialty clinics and advancing research in CVD. From innovative care of patients with congestive heart failure to the nuances of managing heart conditions in patients with cancer, the wide array of topics in this issue is a testament to the versatility of Ochsner’s accomplished Cardiology Center of Excellence.

This Center of Excellence edition features 3 original research articles focusing on the CVD risk factors among breast cancer survivors and the appropriate use of statins in this population, the use of heart assist devices in patients with heart failure, and the use of electrocardiography to predict patient outcomes. The issue includes 11 reviews and contemporary updates of various cardiology topics as well as 6 case reports. The Fall 2016 issue is without a doubt the most complete cardiology-themed issue of the Journal to date and builds upon the extensive number of cardiology articles published in the Winter 2014 issue.