Heart Help of the Future

Wires are good, providing connectivity and interaction, but in the modern world, wireless is better. Telephones, cable, and now pacemakers…

In the Ochsner Journal’s cardiology issue, Dr. Michael Bernard discusses the newest innovations in the world of pacemakers. “Pacing Without Wires? Leadless Cardiac Pacing” reviews current options for leadless pacemakers and shows that, while some limitations exist, these devices, by eliminating the need for permanent transvenous leads, can also eliminate much of the risk involved with traditional pacemakers.

Trials testing current systems have proven successful with a complication-free rate of around 93% and high implant success rates. Although such devices are currently restricted to single-chamber, ventricular pacing, tests show that there is no reason to think that dual chamber pacing and bradycardia/tachycardia therapy will not be possible in the future. Longer battery life is another pro for these devices when compared to traditional pacemakers as once again technology works in our favor.

For more details on this interesting topic, go here for the full article.

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