Academic Visibility for Young Physicians

Recognition by your peers in the scholarly community leads to reputation and prestige, awards, strong letters of support for promotion and tenure, and external job offers. The best way to cultivate recognition is to increase your academic visibility, a critical step for junior faculty on a tenure track.

In the latest issue of Ochsner Journal, Franck Mauvais-Jarvis, MD, PhD, professor of endocrinology at Tulane’s Department of Medicine and director of the Tulane Diabetes Research Program, describes the pathway that young physicians must follow to improve their academic reputation and peer recognition.

Visibility at the national, international, and local levels is important. To take advantage of academic productivity, scholars should promote their work in all available avenues. From attending conferences and participating in scientific discussions with colleagues and visiting lecturers to using the many advantages of the digital and social media age, Dr. Mauvais-Jarvis provides several tips for young physicians to gain recognition and advance their academic career.