Boy Meets Dog to Ill Effect: Replantation to the Rescue

The cover for the new summer issue of Ochsner Journal features pictures of a boy’s recovery after a dog bite incident. Drs Pou and Graham detail the particulars of this interesting case in their article, “Pediatric Nasal Tip Amputation Successfully Treated with Nonmicrovascular Replantation and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.”

Nasal tip replantation is common practice for repairing moderate nasal defects. Studies have shown that supplemental hyperbaric oxygen treatment improves graft survival and eliminates the need for the longer operating room time required for a normal microvascular reconstruction. In this case, a 3-layer composite graft was implanted within 5 hours and treated with hyperbaric oxygen within 72 hours postoperatively with continued treatment daily for 2 weeks. Six months later, the graft appears to have healed successfully with minor cosmetic abnormality.

For more new reviews, cases, and research, check out the summer issue of Ochsner Journal.