Improving Ileostomy Construction and Closure With Bioresorbable Membrane

Loop ileostomy creation is a frequently necessary part of the surgical treatment for low rectal cancers and inflammatory bowel disease. In an original research article for the summer issue of the Journal, Bertoni and colleagues speculate that the use of an antiadhesion barrier film, such as sodium hyaluronate/carboxymethylcellulose (SH/CMC) with its proven ability to reduce postoperative adhesion development, would significantly decrease surgical stoma closure time.

A retrospective review of procedures done at a single institution over a period of 12 years showed a significant decrease in operative time with the use of SH/CMC with no significant difference in postoperative length of stay, wound infection rate, or other complications. These results support other previous studies investigating the efficacy of SH/CMC in loop ileostomy construction. Though further study is needed to assess adhesion grade and cost effectiveness, the results of the aforementioned study have caused the use of SH/CMC to become standard practice at their institution because of faster operating time for closure and increased ease of initial creation.

To catch up on your medical reading, find more research, cases, and reviews in this issue of Ochsner Journal.

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