A Pioneer in Nonpredatory Open-Access Publishing

One of the most frequently used buzz terms in scholarly publishing today is open access—making full-text content freely available to all rather than protecting it behind a paywall.

Open access is a great concept, but the economics can be problematic. Producing a journal costs money: editorial office staff salaries, composition and layout fees, printing costs, data coding costs for online posting, website hosting fees—not to mention expensive electronic services necessary for handling manuscript submission and peer review and for checking submissions for plagiarism.

The money to pay for people and production costs has to come from somewhere, and that’s why many reputable subscription journals now offer an open-access option to authors—for a fee. That fee is generally well upwards of $1,000 and is essentially an offset to lost subscription dollars.

Another open access model is predatory publishing—not well-known journals that are not subscription based but charge very high page fees to authors for publishing their work. Jeffrey Beall, a librarian at the University of Colorado, formerly published a blog about and a list of predatory journals but ceased that work in early 2017, largely because of lawsuit threats. An archive copy of Beall’s list is available.

Ochsner Journal is what Jeffrey Beall called a “platinum model” of open-access publishing: a journal that does not charge authors any fees for publication AND makes the full text of every article completely available online and in print.

Having platinum model status is an enviable accomplishment in today’s publishing world and speaks to the commitment of Ochsner Clinic Foundation to fully live every component of its mission to serve, heal, lead, educate, and innovate. Ochsner Journal offers an extremely valuable publishing opportunity to authors, and we are button-popping proud of being a pioneer in nonpredatory open access publishing.

Our spring 2018 issue is an excellent example of the Journal’s quality and topic breadth. We invite your feedback at ocjournal@ochsner.org.

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