PrePubMed: A Useful Tool to Search for Preprints

As mentioned in a previous blog post, preprint servers give researchers a way to share scientific manuscripts via an online, public repository before peer review. New research can be posted ahead of publication for review and comment, and the articles are open access, allowing anyone to read them. Several preprint servers are available, so searching each one for relevant topics would be time consuming. But you don’t have to search the individual sites; PrePubMed  is a platform that indeTypingxes published preprints.
PrePubMed indexes tens of thousands of articles from the preprint servers arXiv q-bio, PeerJ Preprints, bioRxiv,, and Nature Precedings, as well as articles from F1000Research and Wellcome Open Research. PrePubMed search results provide the preprint title, author, publish date, and author affiliations, along with a link to the preprint. Search results are organized by date with the most recent articles appearing at the top of the list.
Jordan Anaya, an independent researcher and the creator of PrePubMed, recognizes the importance of preprints and the need to make them more accessible to researchers. PrePubMed has no affiliation with the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), but Anaya intentionally developed PrePubMed to look and function similarly to PubMed, not only so users are familiar with it, but also to attempt to apply pressure to NCBI and other institutional search engines to start indexing preprints. He describes PrePubMed as a “stopgap” until a larger, more functional search engine is developed.
For now, however, PrePubMed is a good resource for searching a large portion of the preprint universe.