Ochsner Journal Summer Issue Available Now

The articles in the summer 2019 issue of the Ochsner Journal are contributions from clinicians in 14 specialties. These articles provide an impressively wide breadth of new knowledge and insights and illustrate the value of the Journal’s focus on general medicine rather than targeting a specific niche as so many other journals do.

Having a general medicine focus allows us to publish articles that range from a review of the limitations of available therapies for kidney cancer to practical clinic strategies for handling a potential gastrointestinal crisis. We’ve got both in the summer issue—and much more.

We’re proud to publish 4 original research articles in this edition. Topics range from nonpharmacologic postoperative pain control to whether patients with STEMIs should receive mutivessel or culprit artery only PCI. Pediatrics is well represented in the summer issue, with 3 robust reviews of diseases that affect children.

The Ochsner Journal is a quarterly peer-reviewed medical journal published by the Academic Division of Ochsner Clinic Foundation. Since its inception in 1999, the Journal has been a pioneer in nonpredatory, open-access publishing: the Journal does not charge authors any fees for publication and makes the full text of every article completely available online and in print.

Instructions for submitting an article to the Journal are here. Sign up for the Journal’s quarterly electronic table of contents here.