Winter Issue of the Ochsner Journal Available Now

The winter issue of the Ochsner Journal is available online. Full text of every article is available for screen reading or PDF download, and under the Journal’s new copyright model, articles can be freely shared without having to request permission.

This issue contains 8 timely original research manuscripts, including “Impact of Low-Dose Computed Tomography Orders and Scan Length.” Based on the belief that lower-dose CT scans pose less risk of radiation exposure to patients, authors Simmons and Milburn conducted a retrospective review to determine if the application of adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction reduced the radiation dose in abdominal scans without changing ordering preferences, increasing the number of examinations requested, or increasing the CT scan coverage. A second article about radiologic imaging looks at the “Association of Computed Tomography With Treatment and Timing of Care in Adult Patients With Peritonsillar Abscess.” In this retrospective review, the authors examined 3 outcomes—admission, bedside procedure (needle aspiration, incision/drainage), and surgical procedure (incision/drainage, tonsillectomy)—to determine if a diagnostic CT scan was associated with a difference in clinical intervention and with delaying the intervention.

Increasing numbers of medical school applicants have worked or are currently working as medical scribes, making “Medical Scribes in the Emergency Department: the Scribes’ Point of View” by Eley and Allen an interesting read. In “Sexual Harassment in the House of Medicine and Correlations to Burnout: A Cross-Sectional Survey,” Mathews et al report sobering survey results about female physicians’ experiences with gender harassment and unwanted sexual attention. Yet another ripped-from-the-headlines article examines the staggering increase in fentanyl-related deaths in Jefferson Parish, LA from 2013 to 2018.

In addition to these fine papers, the winter issue contains 3 more important original research articles, 3 contemporary updates, and 4 interesting cases from the specialties of neurology, cardiology, sports medicine, and oncology.

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