Ochsner Journal Partners With TrendMD

To help readers find relevant articles across the ever-growing number of articles online, the Ochsner Journal has partnered with TrendMD, the world’s leading scholarly research recommendation engine. Now our readers can quickly discover article recommendations related to what they just finished reading—without another search.

On every article page at the Ochsner Journal website, readers will see the words

“We recommend…
powered by TrendMD.”

Articles are selected based on sophisticated algorithms applied across millions of articles and are based on actual reader click behavior (“people who read X, also clicked on Y”), similar to what you expect at Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify.

Readers get direct links to recommended articles in the Ochsner Journal and to recommended articles from across the TrendMD network that includes more than 2,500 publications from leading publishers of scholarly research and professional publications.

Now it’s easy to decide what to read next at the Ochsner Journal site. Look for “We recommend…” on the page of the next article you read.Logo slide

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