Ochsner Journal Content Available at Semantic Scholar

In our opinion, the more places people can access Ochsner Journal content, the better! So we’re happy to announce that we recently affiliated with a new indexing platform.

All Ochsner Journal articles are now available at Semantic Scholar, a free, artificial intelligence–powered academic search engine designed to enhance article discovery for researchers. Semantic Scholar is funded by the Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence.

Semantic Scholar’s mission is to empower scholars to overcome information overload by making it easy to discover and understand the scientific literature most relevant to their work. It uses methods from data mining, natural language processing, and computer vision to make research more discoverable.

You do not need to create an account to access papers on Semantic Scholar, but if you do create an account you can set up email alerts for new papers, a library for papers you’d like to revisit, and an author page to manage your author details and papers.

Having Ochsner Journal content indexed through Semantic Scholar increases the discoverability, reach, and impact of our articles—adding an extra way for readers to find our manuscripts. As with other open discovery services, only the metadata of each article is available at Semantic Scholar; readers wishing to access full text are directed to our Ochsner Journal website where every single article is available for free to anyone who wants to read it, download it, and share it.

We’re all about access!