Ochsner Journal Article Examines Internal Medicine Admissions on Saints Game Days

The fall issue of the Ochsner Journal contains an article from researchers at Tulane examining internal medicine admissions on New Orleans Saints game days and post-game days at three hospitals in proximity to the Superdome. Interestingly, admissions were down on game days but increased on post-game days. The authors provides potential reasons for the difference.

The issue also includes a number of other original research papers, including an important analysis of the effect of preoperative administration of Hycet elixir to pediatric patients undergoing tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, or adenotonsillectomy. This work from Ochsner’s Department of Anesthesiology shows that the Hycet elixir group had significant reductions in postanesthesia care unit and hospital lengths of stay and significant reductions in the need for postoperative rescue analgesics.

Questions about directed blood donation—the donation of blood or its components for the purpose of transfusion into a specified individual—are commonly posed to transfusion medicine, transplant, and hematology/oncology professionals. We have a detailed narrative review that discusses the history of directed donation and summarizes the benefits and potential harms of directed donation with respect to the variety of products used in transfusion medicine.

We also have a lively letter to the editor and response regarding a paper published in the summer issue of the Journal: “Suspected COVID-19-Induced Myopericarditis.” Two cardiologists from Austria questioned  some diagnostic and treatment aspects of the case that has been one of our top 3 most accessed articles in July and August. Ochsner cardiologists responded to all the points raised by the writers.

The Ochsner Journal receives submissions from all over the world. The fall issue includes contributions from Terni, Italy; Monterrey, Mexico; Bogota, Columbia; and Perugia, Italy, as well as from notable hospitals in New York City and Temple, Texas.

The Ochsner Journal is published quarterly. To subscribe to the electronic table of contents and receive notification when new issues are published, click to the alerts page at the Journal website and enter your email address.

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