2021 Open Access Week: Building Structural Equity

October 25-31, 2021 is Open Access Week, a time when discussion about the roles editors and publishers play in making quality science accessible for all is encouraged. The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition defines open access as “free, immediate, online availability of research articles coupled with the rights to use these articles fully in the digital environment.”

The 2021 Open Access Week theme is “It Matters How We Open Knowledge: Building Structural Equity.” According to this blog post, the theme is intentionally aligned with the latest UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science, which emphasizes “the importance of equity in pursuing a future for scholarship that is open by default.”

Despite these recommendations and all the attention given to open access in recent years, however, much scientific and medical research is still published in journals behind paywalls, with access via subscription. While many of the large journals now give authors an open-access option, the charges for open access are steep.

The Ochsner Journal has been an open-access journal since it was established in 1999. Further contributing to our mission of publishing and disseminating quality articles, accessible for free, the editorial staff adopted a creative commons license in 2019. Authors retain the copyright to their work, and articles, tables, and figures can be reused and republished by anyone without having to ask for or pay for permission. We are proud to be a publication that charges no open-access fee or other author submission fees. We are also proud that we accept manuscripts from around the world, doing our part to support UNESCO’s call for diversity and to showcase work from underdeveloped countries as well as developed countries.

To subscribe to electronic alerts when a quarterly issue is published and see what authors and research we’re featuring, click to our alerts page and enter your email address. Join the open-access world.

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