You May Qualify for Professional Feedback on Your Next Paper

If you are currently writing a healthcare-related study, you should know about the Equator Network, where detailed guidelines for a variety of study types are available at no cost.

These guidelines make writing a paper so much easier than trying to organize it on your own. The guidelines provide step-by-step instructions for how to organize and write every aspect of a paper—from the title through the conclusions.

AND, some writers may qualify for one-on-one help. The folks at the Equator Network are conducting a study called the GoodReports Randomized Trial (GRReaT) to develop and test personalized resources for research articles.

You are eligible to take part in the GRReaT study if

  • You are currently in the early or planning stage of writing up a healthcare-related research study for publication in a medical journal
  • The study involves the use of descriptive and/or inferential statistics
  • You are the first and corresponding author
  • You can commit to submit a publication-ready manuscript to the GRReaT research team within 6-12 months of joining the trial

GRReaT is recruiting authors of papers reporting the following study designs:

  • cohort study
  • case-control study
  • cross-sectional study
  • systematic review of trials (with or without a meta-analysis)
  • randomized trial

All participants will receive a feedback report on the title, methods, and results sections of their manuscripts. The report will indicate if any information is missing or needs to be reported more fully, according to the appropriate reporting guideline for the study. Authors will receive help in writing their study according to the latest reporting standards, and they will also help further EQUATOR’s quest to find better ways to improve the quality of research articles.

To access participant information and the consent form, click here.

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