Novel Regional Techniques for Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement can involve severe postoperative pain that requires opiod medications to control. Multimodal analgesia that includes nerve blocks is able to adequately control postoperative knee pain and has the potential to reduce the total dose of opioids taken after surgery.

In the latest issue of the Ochsner Journal, Thobdani and colleagues studied 3 regional anesthesia techniques, with one of the outcomes being postoperative opioid consumption. The authors added the infiltration between the popliteal artery and capsule of the knee (IPACK) to the standard femoral nerve catheter block and the novel adductor canal block techniques. Opioid consumption was significantly reduced in the group that received a femoral nerve catheter block with IPACK.

Regional anesthesia techniques may reduce the likelihood of long-term use of opioids after surgery and play an important role in preventing persistent opioid use. Click here to read more about these innovative techniques and their outcomes.