Top Spot in Google

We publish some remarkable papers in Ochsner Journal, but unless you’re searching for a paper on a particular topic or you’re one of those people who reads a medical journal from cover to cover, it’s easy to miss the great work in each issue.

In 2013, Dr. Phil Boysen wrote a paper on just culture, the idea that creating an honest, open, and responsible framework for addressing errors is much more effective than the traditional punitive approach. In a just culture environment, the focus changes from errors and outcomes to system design and the management of employees’ behavioral choices.

Dr. Boysen’s paper isn’t the only one out there on the topic, but if you type the words “just culture” into Google, his paper is at the top of the list of search results. To achieve that placement, lots of people have had to access the paper. As of August 2018, it had been cited 62 times.

Dr. Boysen’ paper is an excellent example of the benefits of publishing your work in a reputable open-access journal instead of in a journal behind a subscription paywall.